The 2019 Perfect Holiday Gift Guide - For Him


Men are a whole lot trickier to buy gifts for than women. Don't you think? You could get a bunch of boring electronics or ties or yet another set of cuff links. But you want to elevate yourself to the Gifting Guru status, amiright? Here are some cool, artisanal and one-of-a-kind finds for the dad who likes to age his own drinks or the dude who always misplaces his keys or the brother who could up his street cred with a sustainable messenger bag. 



1. Shaving Essentials by Floris London

floris of london shaving set gift for him

Make him feel like royalty with this essential shaving duo by Floris of London. Granted the first Royal Warrant in 1820, Floris has been a staple of the British royal family since. The latest addition to their repertoire is the signature fragrance they created for the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan, which they wore on their wedding day!

Floris Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm - Luckyscent ($80)


2. Sustainably Chic Everyday Bag

Sustainable business bag bleu de chauffe

Inspired by the outdoor look, the Remix business bag is Bleu de Chauffe’s brand-new signature bag, made from cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather. Handmade in France, Bleu de Chauffe has chosen the best fabrics, for total protection and perfect water resistance. 

Bleu de Chauffe Remix Business Bag ($313)


3. Handcrafted Belt by La Matera

handcrafted polo belt by la matera

Whether it’s that client dinner on Thursday evening or stacking logs at the cabin on Saturday, this handcrafted La Matera belt is up for the task. The iconic mountain designs are hand-embroidered with meticulous precision and care in every stitch. And just like your favorite pair of jeans or that treasured bottle of Malbec, the character of this belt only gets better over time, as natural oils seep into the leather, creating the rugged and sophisticated look. Handcrafted in Argentina.

La Matera Oscuro Polo Belt ($175)


4. Personalized Night Stand Valet For The Organized Dude

personalized docking station 2019 gift for him

An organized man is every woman's dream. Help him get there with this handcrafted, personalized docking station for all the stuff that's stashed away in his pockets. With slots for charging his phone and keeping his cards, sunglasses and trinkets neatly organized, this valet is perfect for the home or office.

Koios Crafts Docking Station ($30)


5. Cocktail Anatomy Recipe Glasses Set

Cocktail Anatomy Recipe Glasses Set 2019 gift for him
For the man who likes to experiment.  This set of beaker-style cocktail recipe glasses is sized for easy mixing and sure sipping in one. A foursome of whiskey-based recipes printed on the glasses makes the bartending job easier, along with a glass stirrer to help mix things up.

6. Cashmere Scarf For The Metropolitan Dude

paul smith scarf 2019 holiday gift guide gift for him
Colour is one of Paul Smith's many strengths, and the label has created this checked scarf in vibrant blues, greens and turquoise so you can dial up the saturation on grey days. It's knitted from unblended cashmere that has a supremely soft handle, and trimmed with fringed ends for a bit of textural interest.

7. BirchBox Subscription For The Well Groomed Guy

Gift him a personalized grooming set every month, along with helpful tips on how to use them. With three subscription levels, it's a great gift for any budget - $10 a month (cancel anytime), $60 for 6 months ($54 with code) and $110 for a year ($96 with code). Moreover, get freebies when you visit their website!

8. A Coffee Cup Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

Sustainable coffee travel mug 2019 gift guide gift for him
Mindblown! Product designer Julian Lechner was intrigued by the idea of creating something new and lasting out of supposed waste, so he began experimenting with coffee grounds. Three years later, he had discovered the unique formula: recycled coffee grounds and renewable raw materials were transformed into the durable, robust material Kaffeeform. Which then became the Kaffeeform cup. All cups are exceptionally durable, light, and have a mild coffee scent.

9. Leather Strap For His Apple Watch

Apple Watch Leather Strap Holiday Gift Guide for Men 2019

Look at this thing of beauty. Embossed crocodile leather with a butterfly clasp, just like the fancy schmancy watches. If your dude likes to change up his watches but is a slave to all the features the Apple Watch provides, this is just the thing he needs to spice up his wrist game. Get free shipping and a sign-up discount too!

10. Tile For The Guy Who Always Misplaces His Keys

Tile 2019 holiday gift guide for men

Whether it's his keys or wallet, it's gonna be incredibly hard to lose them with these Tile babies in tow. Now louder than ever and in different styles for different purposes, this is the perfect gift for the absent-minded dude. Now I wish there was something for sunglasses...

11. Whiskey And Rum Making Kit

whiskey and rum aging barrel 2019 gift guide for men

For the man who likes to age his own drinks, this little tabletop cask is a perfect little gift. Fashioned in timeless style, this handsome barrel is more than just an eye-catching centerpiece: like its big siblings found in professional distilleries, it can actually age your spirits to peak flavor.

12. For The Man Who Needs His Sleep

casper glow lamp 2019 holiday gift guide

This little portable Glow lamp by Casper is a great addition to the nightstand. It gently puts you to sleep by self dimming and telling your body and mind that it's time to wind down. Plus, it can be charged up and transported to a different room. Just turn off the self dimming setting by rotating the lamp. How cool is that?

13. Hard Working Man's Hygeine Kit

mens grooming set 2019 holiday gift guide for men

Contrary to popular belief, men need grooming too ;). For the man who is rugged and shies away from the Birchbox kind of cosmetics, here's a no-BS hygiene kit to keep him up to snuff.

14. Memorial Rings and Bracelet Cuffs 

memorial resin bracelet ring handmade resintimes jewelry 2019 holiday gift guide

For the rugged man who likes a bit of wrist candy or statement rings. Gisèle Grenier makes one-of-a-kind memorial jewelry with resin and silver. If you wish to preserve a piece of something precious or meaningful, Gisèle will create a ring or a cuff with it, so you can wear it on you every single day! 

15. Voyage d'Hermes Parfum

Voyage d'Hermes 2019 mens holiday gift guide

Although fragrance is a deeply personal choice, this parfum is magic in a bottle.  A lively, giving fragrance in which the freshness of juniper berries blends with the milky warmth of sandalwood and the sensuality of amber. A little spritz for you too, madame?

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