Our Journey

Shradha Khurana of Citrine by Shradha

Do you walk by store window displays exclaiming, "I HAVE to have those earrings! They'd be perfect with my new dress."? That is me in a nutshell. With a love for natural gemstones and the obsession with owning jewelry to complement my every outfit, I realized a need for affordable fine jewelry that would not burn a hole in my pocket. I taught myself how to make the jewelry I wanted to wear and thus started Citrine by Shradha. I have been designing and selling jewelry in boutique stores, online and in-person since 2012, with a faithful following of repeat customers. 

While most departmental stores and designers mass produce jewelry made with plastic or resin in order to keep the prices affordable, Citrine by Shradha strives to uniquely create each piece with genuine gemstones and crystal embellishments, while keeping the prices at par with bigger stores. When you buy your piece of Citrine by Shradha, you are assured that it is a unique, quality product and made with love. Many of my customers request bespoke pieces to accentuate a new dress or highlight a new hairstyle! Need something special for an occasion? Just ask and I'll get working on it right away! All purchases are completely refundable, because I want you to absolutely love your jewelry and all adjustments are on me. 

As they say, life's too short to wear boring jewelry. Stop by today and get something you love. I hope you enjoy wearing your piece of bling as much as I did designing and creating it!